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 Q:  What brand of paint products do you use?
 A:  All of our products are painting using PPG paint.

 Q:  Do you use a flex agent on your fiberglass products?
 A:  Yes, all of our fiberglass products are painted with a flex agent.

 Q:  Are your products clear coated during the paint process?
 A:  Yes, all of our products are clear coated during the paint process?

 Q:  Are your products wet sanded and buffed during the painting process?
 A:  Yes, all of our products are wet sanded and buffed as part of the painting process.

 Q:  Will BANGASTANG.com ship overseas?
 A:  Yes, Bangastang.com will ship overseas.  The cost for shipping will be paid by the purchaser. 
       All duty and taxes must be paid by the purchaser.  We will not ship overseas until arrangements have been
      made by the purchaser to pay all duty and taxes. 

 Q:  Our turnaround time for custom orders?
 A:  Custom orders are any products that are painted upon order.  The time frame to paint custom orders may vary due to
       demand of product,  size of product, time of year and workload of our paintshop.  Our turnaround time can be
       between 2-6 weeks.  One of our objectives is to sell quality products that fit and have a quality paint finish.
      We will not rush our production process and risk sacrificing our quality.
      Custom orders will be processed in the order which they are placed and no customer
     will be given precedent over another.

Q:  Can you provide and ETA on a custom painted part?
A:  No, due to the several variables in the painting process and the volume of painted orders that we produce it is not
      possible to provide our customere with an ETA on custom painted products.                 
 Q:  Can I have my custom painted product in time for a car show?
 A:  We strive for quality products.  Rushing a custom order will sacrifice the quality of a products. We do not believe in          the "Fast Food" approach to production.  We pride ourselves on quality products that are made here in the US.  

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