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Airbrushed Carbon Fiber Mustang GT Engine Kit

Airbrushed Carbon Fiber Mustang GT Engine Kit 05-09

Airbrushed Carbon Fiber Mustang GT Engine Dress-Up Kit '05-'09. We've raised the styling bar with the 8 piece carbon fiber kit that is airbrushed with a Racing Flag, custom painted in your '05-'09 Mustang factory color.PLEASE ALLOW 3-6 WEEKS FOR PAINTING

Sku # : CFFLAGKIT0509
Our Price :
Fuse Box Airbrush

Product Detail
- Fits 2005-2009 Mustang GT
- 8 Piece carbon fiber parts includes: Radiator Cover, Radiator Cover Extensions, Overflow Tank Cover, Fuse Box Cover,
Plenum Cover and Fuel Rail Covers.
- Hand stenciled (all designs are different)
- Fuse Box Cover is available with Eagle Head, Skull Head or Skeleton
- Airbrushed with Racing Flag design
- Made from 2X2 Twill carbon fiber
- All kits are clear coated, wet sanded and buffed.
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