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GT500 Engine Dress-Up Kit

Engine Dress Up Kit '07-'09 GT500

Here's a package for the '07-'09 GT500 owner. This is our Engine Dress-Up Package II designed for the GT500. This package includes our Radiator Cover, Battery & Master Cylinder Cover and CPC Hood Struts...PAINTED to match. Install this in your GT500 and listen to them say "WOW" We give you the WOW FACTOR and you save $125 when purchased as a package. ALL BANGASTANG RADIATOR COVERS ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER THERE IS AN ESTIMATED 3-6 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION AND TURNAROUND TIME. TURNAROUND TIME COULD BE MORE DEPENDING UPON SEASON AND DEMAND. YOUR PAINT COLOR AND STRIPES CHOICES. PLEASE FACTOR THIS INTO YOUR DELIVERY TIME. WE CANNOT PROVIDE EXACT TIMES FOR DELIVERY OF CUSTOM MADE PRODUCTS

Our Price :
Stripe Color
Brand of Cold Air Intake

Product Detail
- Comes painted
- Kit includes: Bangastang Radiator Cover, Battery and Master Cylinder Cover, CPC Hood Struts
- This is the engine dress up package that you want.
A saving of over $125 when bought as a kit.
NOTE: All of Bangastangs's Radiator Covers are made to order, and there is a minimum of 3 - 6 weeks production and turnaround time. This time could be MORE depending upon the season, your paint and stripe choices, etc. Please factor this into your excepted delivery date. Does not come with graphics.
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